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Block Island is the least explored and less crowded tourist destination till now. For the last few years, many tourists have been visiting Block Island and enjoying biking, cycling, hiking, relaxing, and visiting beautiful bluff beaches. Let’s explore Block Island through this article.

Lighthouse in Block Island Rhode Island

Where is Block Island located?

Block Island is a part of Rhode Island state of the United States located nearly 10 miles from the mainland and easily reachable from Newport of Rhode Island and Montauk Point New York by Ferry and other transportation options. New Shoreham is a small and only city in Block Island developed in 1672.

Don’t be confused about – What to do in Block Island? Here are some places to visit and activities to do on Block Island.

Places to visit in Block Island?

Come here and get lost in the midst of natural beauty on the Island, beaches, and cliffs. You can do many adventurous activities here, explore the popular heritage and natural places, enjoy food & drinks, and do much more.

Tourists visit the island from Newport or Montauk Point as a day trip. But to enjoy the place thoroughly, you should spend a weekend or 2-3 days here.

(1) North Lighthouse

It was built on Block Island in 1867 and is placed under the National Register of Historic Places. It is made of brown granite & wood. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations on Block Island to enjoy a museum inside the building and a captivating view of the surroundings and a beach walk.

(2) SouthEast Lighthouse

Beautiful sunset in Block Island of Rhode Island

This architectural marvel is located on Mohegan Trail in the Southeast part of Block Island with unique in its size, construction, and shape. Visitors enjoy the museum, beautiful ground, beach, and bluffs view is amazing at the time of sunset and sunrise

(3) Mohegan Bluffs

There are many cliffs and bluffs on Block Island and Mohegan Bluff is a must-visit place for a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. You need to go down about 200 stairs to reach the beach. The cliff is changing due to erosion from waves. You can enjoy sunbathing, surfing, swimming, dog walking, and many other fun water activities.

(4) Abrams Animal Farm

Many animals are freely roaming on this farm and this is a much more enjoyable place for kids and adults also. Kids love the place most. You can spend time with animals and can also shop here. After petting the animals, there are also facilities to wash your hands.

(5) Ballard’s Beach

Ballard’s Beach is accessible through Ballard’s Resort providing facilities of a restaurant, hotel, and bar having its private area on the beach. Here you can enjoy a variety of food and drink with live music. Sit under an umbrella and enjoy the beauty of the beach. This area is a little bit more crowded in season.

(6) Pebbly Beach

It is another popular beach to visit in Block Island with family, especially in winter when you may spot seals. The beach is a little bit rocky and the waves are wild. So you need to be extra cautious while walking on slippery rocks on the beach.

(7) Wind Farm

You can plan to visit Block Island wind farm which has 5 turbined historic windmills if you are interested in such activities. Fish The World Charter operates many boat tours including a tour to a wind farm.

(8) National Wildlife Refuge

Established in 1973 with a spread of 134 acres Nation Wildlife Refuge is made to preserve natural habitats and migrating bird’s habitats. The best time to enjoy birds is early morning before sunrise. Lots of birds like sparrows, yellow throats, Swallows, black-backed gulls, herring gulls, and many more birds are seen here. The wildlife area is very large and fishing and hunting can also be done after permission.

(9) Clayhead Nature Trails

Clayhead Nature Trail is one of the preserved properties under Nature Conservancy. It is best for hiking and birding along with a view of the bluffs and ocean.

(10) Saint Andrew Roman Catholic Church

One of the best religious places to visit on Block Island with beautifully designed windows deserving appreciation.

(11) 1661 Farm and Gardens

Within the territory, you will enjoy the 1661 Inn hotel, garden, and animal farm. Beautiful garden to enjoy with family and many different animals to see.

(12) Rodman’s Hollow

Under Nature Conservancy spread over 230 acres on the Southeast end of Block Island. Here you will find some endangered plant species of the state such as bushy rockrose, Shadbush, bayberry, arrowwood shrubs, etc., and animals such as the northern harrier and the American burying beetle. Rodman’s Hollow is also popular for hiking lovers offering 28 miles of the long trail.

Also, know about these hidden destinations

Activities to do on Block Island


There are many trails for hiking and walking on Block Island with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Sea and nature. Clayhead Nature Trail, Rodman’s Hollow, Hodge Preserve, etc are the best places to hike.


Children and adults can explore the stunning nature of the island via bicycles. You can rent different models and sizes of bicycles on a daily or hourly basis at Beach Rose Bicycle.

Swimming and water activities

You can enjoy swimming and many water activities at beaches and allowed ponds.


Great Salt Pond is best for kayaking. Kayak rental service and the guided tour is operated by Pond and Beyond Kayak managed by Corrie Heinz who is native to Block Island.

Learn fishing

You can learn the fishing program run by Ian Pollock and Greg Swienton at The Fishing Academy where you can learn casting, rigging, tying proper knots, angling, and fish handling skills in a batch of 15 learners only.

Food and drink on Block Island

There are many popular restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and mouthwatering foods and drinks. Here are some lists.

  • Block of Fudge
  • Aldo’s Bakery
  • Mohegan Cafe and Brewery
  • Persephone’s Kitchen
  • The Ice Cream Place
  • 1661 Inn

Where to stay in Block Island?

There are many budget to premium category stay options in Block Island. Here are some popular options.

  • Harborside Inn
  • 1661 Inn Hotel
  • Champlin’s Block Island
  • The Sullivan House
  • Block Island Beach House
  • Narragansett Inn
  • Payne’s Harbor View Inn
  • Manisses Hotel
  • Spring House Hotel
  • The Ashley House

How to reach Block Island?

By Air

You can visit Block Island from many places such as Newport, Judith Point, and many more. At all these places, you can reach by air but there is no direct flight to Block Island. After reaching these places you need to book a ferry.

By Ferry

The best way to get to Block Island is by ferry from Point Judith, Newport downtown, New London, Montauk, and many other places. It is nearly 1 to 2 hours away from this point by express ferry. You can book a ferry on www.blockislandferry.com or www.goblockisland.com and you can also bring your vehicle on the ferry by prior booking.

PAA about Block Island

  1. How much time does it take to reach Block Island?

    It takes around 1 to 2 hours to reach Block Island from Judith Point, Newport, Montauk Point, etc.

  2. Is our own food allowed on Block Island?

    Yes. You can bring your own food and enjoy it on Block Island.

  3. Can I bring my own vehicle to Block Island?

    Yes. You can bring your own private vehicle to Block Island by ferry. But you need to do a prior booking for your vehicle to bring in the ferry.

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